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Effortlessly transform your handwritten notes & diagrams to Notion with a simple picture.

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Handwritten notes are killing your productivity!

Turn this...


You handwrite all your content


You spend hours searching your notes!


You lose valuable information

Into this...


Scan your notes and diagrams to Notion


All your information available at the snap of a finger


Boost your productivity and get creative!

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How it works

Quickly scan your notes

Take a photo
Snap a quick picture of your notebook, whiteboard or wherever you may have scribbled your notes. Make sure you can read the text in the photo!
Upload it and we'll extract the data
Using our service, we'll extract the text and diagrams from within your photo and convert it to the native block format for Notion
Save to Notion
We'll create a new page with all of your notes on it

Use cases

How KeepNotes can help you

Effortless Brainstorming

Never forget an idea again! Capture your best thoughts while they're fresh, and let our app save them to Notion for you.

Easy Content Creation

Say goodbye to writer's block! With KeepNotes, you can take your handwritten scribbles from your notebook, and we'll save them to Notion for you.

Track Your Study Progress

Students can capture study notes, diagrams, and flashcards. KeepNotes uploads everything to Notion, making study materials easy to track.

Maintain Personal Journals

Keep a digital record of your personal journals. Take photos of your entries and KeepNotes will save them to Notion for reflection anytime.

Meetings Reimagined

Transform your meetings! Capture notes and sketches with KeepNotes, and save them to Notion to never miss a crucial detail again.

Learn faster

Supercharge your studies! Use KeepNotes to convert lectures and study sessions into clear notes and flashcards in Notion.

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Simple, clear pricing

We charge per image, you pre-buy your credits and the more you buy the cheaper each credit is!

Pricing starts from


  • 10 credits (you can process 10 images)
  • Capture images and diagrams
Get Full Access

Sync your handwritten notes with your online notes.

Instant Digitization

Just snap a photo of your handwritten notes or sketches. KeepNotes intelligently captures every word and diagram, transforming them into digital format in seconds.

Seamless Integration with Notion

Say goodbye to manual uploads. KeepNotes directly syncs your digitized notes and diagrams to Notion, organizing them exactly the way you want, without any extra steps.

Your Ideas, Now Searchable

With KeepNotes, your handwritten notes become fully searchable within Notion. Find any idea, note, or sketch in seconds, no matter how old.

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